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The science behind

According to recent studies a raised temperature or fever is one of the most common symptoms of a COVID-19 infection.

During a viral infection, a fever can rise and then fall back to a normal level for a short time, temperature can be manipulated by external influences, intentionally or unintentionally. Single temperature measurements via infrared sensors are not a reliable form of fever detection as they are only the temperature at a particular point in time.

What makes the SteadyTemp smart thermometer different is continuous temperature measurement. The SteadyTemp system can identify a potential infection through continuous live measurements of the individual body temperature over a longer period of time.


Data Transfer using NFC Technology

No Radiation

The RFID chip in the patch is read passively via an NFC-enabled smartphone and, unlike Bluetooth, does not emit any permanent radiation.

Data Transfer in Seconds

The data readout operates in the same way as contactless payment in the supermarket, which has been tried and tested a million times over: hold your mobile phone on the patch, wait one second, and you are done.

100% Safe from Third Party Interference

Because data transmission is only possible within centimeters, access by third parties is not possible.

App requires iPhone 7 or higher
Android smartphone requires NFC

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