SteadyTemp – The continuous measurement thermometer

The SteadyTemp system consists of a very precise temperature sensor embedded in an adhesive skin patch, which continuously measures body temperature over several days, and the supporting app. The patch saves the temperature measurements until they are read by a smartphone using NFC. The temperature measurements are then visable on the smartphone as temperature curves in graph form.

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Practical uses for SteadyTemp as a diagnostic tool.

The SteadyTemp system is an early indication tool used to identify possible infections. Continuous temperature measurement enables the identification of potentially infected individuals at a very early stage, and therefore the opportunity to break the chain of infection. SteadyTemp continuously monitors the body temperature of pre-selected groups e.g. key workers, high risk groups or businesses. The temperature graphs created by continuous measurement can be accessed by a smartphone and the stored measurements and trends interpreted and acted upon where necessary.

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SteadyTemp – The reliable temperature measurement solution

Highest levels of accuracy.

SteadyTemp is a precise clinical thermometer that does the work for you: the wafer-thin sensor embedded in the patch measures body temperature continuously, day and night. SteadyTemp measures with an accuracy of <0.1°C and is therefore more accurate than any conventional thermometer.

Continuous measurement.

The rise and fall in temperature caused by an infection has an individual pattern depending on the type of infection. During a viral infection, a fever can rise and then fall back to a normal level for a short time meaning that single temperature measurements are not a reliable form detection. Continual measurement creates temperature curves, where fever trends can be identified.

100% Safe. No side Effects.

The patch is read using NFC technology, best known for its use in tap-and-go contactless payments. NFC can be read by most smartphones, is radiation free and safe from third parties.

SteadyTemp Instructional Video

How it works


Apply Patch

The patch should be applied to clean dry skin, free from cream or deodorant. To apply the patch put your hand on your hip, place 3 fingers directly under your arm, the ring finger marks the top edge of the patch. Smooth out the patch to fix it in place.


Activate Patch

After 10 minutes you can activate the patch. Tap on the patch icon in the app, now hold the backside of your smartphone against the patch in order to activate it – a vibration will confirm successful activation.


Read Patch

After a successful data transfer the app displays your current body temperature and stored temperature curves. Reliable temperature values are available about 1 hour after the patch has been activated.

App for iPhone 7 and higher
NFC Compatible Android Smartphones