The early warning system for every sector.

In times of crisis, maintaining economic performance is vital. STEADYTEMP can provide crucial support for protection and hygiene concepts, test procedures as well as follow-up care for people who have become ill. The scope of application is extensive, although the implementation of the system is of course individually adapted to the requirements in each individual case.

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1. Essential service providers, companies and organisations.

Possible use

Key workers and those working in critical infrastructure such as government, healthcare, logistics, essential retail, industrial plants etc.

How can STEADYTEMP help?

SteadyTemp is of particular value to critical infrastructure and the body of systems essential to the continuity of normal everyday life. It is currently being used in a logistics center and nursing home.

2. Sporting and other large-scale events

Possible use

International trade fairs, concerts and leisure events, major sporting events (for example, admission control to football stadiums), cinemas, theatres etc.

How can STEADYTEMP help?

Our goal is to make cultural events, trade shows and exhibitions possible again. We can become part of the solution by providing the necessary protective measures to keep large events safe. SeadyTemp can play a pivotal role in the protection of guests and staff allowing the reintroduction of large-scale events and reducing the risk of new sources of infection.

3. Pre-emptive risk management

Possible use

Educational facilities (day-care centers, schools, universities), care providers (care homes for the elderly, hospitals, etc.), companies, gastronomy, etc.

How can STEADYTEMP help?

As part of a crisis prevention concept, STEADYTEMP can protect the workforce and the third parties, a facility is responsible for. Practical rather than just theoretical corporate responsibility.

4. Active crisis management

Possible use

Monitoring and aftercare of infected individuals in quarantine, in the tourism industry (e.g. travelers returning home), hospitals and care facilities (for patients, staff, visitors), etc.

How can STEADYTEMP help?

In the event of an actual outbreak, health authorities will require intervention action plans be put in place, in order to resume and maintain business operations. STEADYTEMP can also be used to streamline the border control process for returning travelers.

App requires iPhone 7 or higher
Android smartphone requires NFC

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