The SteadyTemp temperature measurement system is based on a temperature-sensitive sensor embedded in an adhesive patch and the supporting app. The high-tech sensor patch is worn on the side of the chest under the arm, once activated it continuously measures and records body temperature levels, at pre-set time intervals.

Uninterupted temperature tracking
Hygienic single use
Discreet and comfortable
Skin friendly and medically tested

Accurate temperature measurement doesn’t have to be a science

Indications of infection should be taken seriously

Although it is not always immediately obvious why someone would have an elevated temperature for a day or a night, a high fever is always a sign that a person is sick and should always be taken seriously.

There is no "normal" temperature

According to the latest scientific evidence, every person has their own unique "normal" body temperature. Among other factors this depends on the time of day: The peak temperature levels are measured at around 6 p.m., the lowest at around 4 a.m..


Influence of external factors

In addition to the time of day, many other external factors can cause the body temperature to be higher than "normal" for a short period of time: being too warm while sleeping, boisterous behaviour, running around or other activities that cause the body to sweat.

Single measurements are outdated

A single, momentary measurement, is inconclusive. Once a fever has been measured it is important that the temperature is taken again, after half an hour of rest. By doing this you can determine whether the reading was only a short-term increase in temperature or perhaps an indication of an infection.

The solution: continuous measurement

When used for diagnostic purposes, experts recommend taking temperature measurements several times a day and documenting the readings continuously.

steadytemp-in-use_desktop steadytemp_private-girl2
... simplifies this process: the patch can be worn continuously for up to seven days, the measurement is automatic, and the results can be viewed on a smartphone in a matter of seconds.

Continuous temperature measurement in the home care sector with STEADYTEMP

ATTENTION: STEADYTEMP in no way replaces a visit to the doctor. It is intended as a diagnostic and supporting tool.

App requires iPhone 7 or higher
Android smartphone requires NFC

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