A high temperature or fever is one of our bodys first and most common responses to infection. It is most prevalent in illnesses such as influenza and COVID-19. Monitoring your own body temperature can help to detect illness and infection at an early stage and therefore help to prevent the spread of infection at the workplace, in schools and at home, protecting those around you.
To use your own body temperature as an indicator of potential infection, experts recommend taking your temperature twice a day, at the same time of day, and keeping a record of the readings - this gives you a chance to spot any abnormalities. For reliable results the same thermometer should be used.


Continuous temperature monitoring

Smart health monitoring

STEADYTEMP simplifies the monitoring process by continuously measuring body temperature for up to seven days, automatically recording temperature values and, as an additional feature, even providing an overall view of the health status of all users in an organisation.

Reduce the risk of infection

In combination with regular COVID testing, you can significantly reduce the risk of infection within your organisation and increase the protection of your staff, colleagues and loved ones.

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Cost-efficient, transparent
and GDPR-compliant


STEADYTEMP is a cost-effective system solution which includes NFC temperature sensor patches & a personal analytics app. The areas of application are numerous, and the system can be adapted and implemented according to the requirements of each individual case.


STEADYTEMP offers transparency throughout the entire organisation, individual facilities and locations or, in more detailed information about individual departments or areas within your company. With our solution as part of the Prevention & Health Promotion Programme, we aim to maintain economic performance in companies, sports and major events and public institutions.


STEADYTEMP offers a GDPR-compliant visualisation and monitoring of temperature readings. Personal data remains visible only to the user and is processed and analysed anonymously/pseudonymously. By monitoring individual temperature developments across a wide cross-section of the population, STEADYTEMP can initiate very specific responses.

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App requires iPhone 7 or higher
Android smartphone requires NFC

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